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Hot & Cold Appetizers, Tapas, Canapes & H'ors D'oeuvres for Every Day, Holidays & Parties
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COCKTAILS BY MAIL - My Martini Recipe Cards on Mailable Postcards!

Want to Change Things Up? Why Not EAT YOUR COCKTAILS?

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I LOVE APPETIZERS, Hor's D'oeuvres, Canapes, Amuse Bouche, Snacks, Tapas - I call them all Tiny Foods and I'd eat nothing but appetizers if I could get away with it.
Some are recipes I've tried and tweaked, some are my own creations but I enjoy all of them and hope you do too. They're great with all my Martinis - Bon Appetit, Buon Appetito, Enjoy!

Free Appetizer recipes on cute, original art recipe cards designed by PopArtDiva.Com.

Yes, they are free for you to download, print out and even share with friends
BUT my designs are copyrighted and no permission is given to use them on your website or blog, print, copy, distribute or use them in any commercial enterprise. Please contact me for use licensing of the images.
Cocktail and Martini Party, Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Party, Theme Party Appetizers, Canapes,Tapas and H'ors D'oeuvres and Tiny Foods
These are appetizer recipes I've used often for my own parties - be they cocktail or martini parties, large gatherings, business parties, or just a couple of good friends.

The Martini Diva BOUTIQUE - Original Martini Art for sale on Posters, T-shirts, Aprons, Cups, Cards & More!
Apple-Onion Bruschetta Front & Back
Asparagus In a Blanket Front & Back
Aye Carumba Oye Vey Roll Ups Front & Back
Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp Rumaki
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Potato Bites Front & Back
Baked Herb Potato Crisps
Baked Feta Tomato Spread
Banana Bacon Ruamki
Banana Chicken Fritters Front & Back
Black Bean Salsa
Blue Cheese Dip - My Dad's Recipe
Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Buffalo Chicken Dip Front & Back
Buffalo Wings Front & Back
Butter Tarts Front & Back
Candied Nutz
Cheese Fondue Front & Back
Chicken Cheese Dip Front & Back
Chicken Enchilada Dip Front & Back
Classic Chex Mix
Confetti Ham and Cheese Roll-ups Front & Back
Crab Angels Front & Back
Crab Mousse
Crab Salad for Divas
Crab Stuffed Pepperoncini
Creamy Tenderloin Tidbits Front & Back
Crunchy BBQ Chicken Pizza
Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches Front & Back
Deep Fried Asparagus
Faux Quiche Front & Back
Fig & Goat Cheese Bruschetta Front & Back
Garden Fresh Spring Rolls Front & Back
Heat Meets West Meat Pies Front & Back
Honey Glazed Wings Front & Back
Hot Cheese Puffs
Hot Little Tomatoes Front & Back
Mac and Cheese Poppers Front & Back
Mamma Mia Pita Nachos Front & Back
Mini Apple Betty Bakes Front & Back
Mini Corn Dogs Front & Back
Mini Quiche Front & Back
Parmesan Bites
Pastry Wrapped Baked Cheese Front & Back
Peach & Mango Brushcetta Front & Back
Pesto Bread Home Made
Pico De Gallo
Pigs In A Blanket
Potato Latkes Front & Back
Salad Caprese Skewers
Sausage Balls
Smoked Lox Cucumber Wraps
Smokey Peach Salsa on Bruschetta
Spicy Bacon Rumaki Front & Back
Spinach Balls Front & Back
Stalked by Asparagus Rolls
Stuffed Olives to Die For
Swedish Meatballs
Sweet Potato Puffs Front & Back
Tangerine Salsa
Taste Of the Island Nachos Front & Back
Thaied Up Chicken Satay Front & Back
Totally NOT Tater Tot Surprises Front & Back
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Appetizers, Meals & Desserts for Valentine's Day
These are recipes for my favorite Valentine's Day meals - including a number of chocolate desserts - all on fun Valentine Themed Recipe Cards of my original design. Serve up with any of my Valentine Martinis!

Valentine's Day Menu
Dill Cucumber Crostini Hearts Front & Back
Cupid's Arrow Breadsticks
Mini Seafood Casseroles Front & Back
Oven Roasted Tri-Tip for Lovers Front & Back

St. Valentine's Roasted Red Potatoes Front & Back
Chocolate Creme Brulee Front & Back
Chocolate Fondue
Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes Front & Back
Mini Chocolate Raspberry Tarts Front & Back


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Fun and Playful Appetizer and Food Recipes for St. Patrick's Day
I'm part Irish - on my Dad's side - did you think I wouldn't have a few St. Patrick's Day food recipes? Of course, I had to put my own Tiny Food - appetizer spin on them! Enjoy them with my St. Patrick's Day Martinis and Cocktails.

Corned Beef & Rye Dip
Corned Beef Hash Skins Front & Back
Erin Go Bragh Pizza
Irish Green Deviled Eggs Front & Back
Leprechaun's Balls
St. Patrick's Day Fondue Front & Back

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COCKTAILS BY MAIL - My Martini Recipe Cards on Mailable Postcards!

What would the Academy Awards be star quality food? These recipes go great with my Oscar Martinis

Think Pink Food Recipes - Perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness Events or fun Pink Parties!
I threw a martini party to support a good friend who had just finished her chemo - all her friends wanted and needed to celebrate her victory. Pink Tiny Foods & Pink Martinis were born out of her struggle. She is now cancer free!
There's also no reason you can't use these to
throw a Pink Party just to celebrate being women! Throw a Pink Party - Tips Here

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Get your Spook on with my Halloween Horrors D'oeuvres and Appetizer Recipes
Halloween is my favorite holiday and you can probably tell that from the fun recipe names and garnishing suggestions on these Halloween Party Recipes - Keep in the spirit and serve them with my Halloween Martinis & Cocktails!

Barbeque Bat Wings Front & Back
Bat and Pumpkin Chips
Bat Guano Caviar
Bloody Skull Spread
Brittle Bones Front & Back
Cheezy Finger Food Front & Back
Crabby Dead Brain Front & Back
Eerie Eyeball Eats Front & Back
Goblets of Gloppy Green Goo
Great Pumpkin Half Moon Pies Front & Back
Mad Science Soup Tubes
Mummified Pizza Heads Front & Back
Naughty Nachos Front & Back
Nose Booger Pickers
Oh, Dem Bones, Dem Bones
Slimey Green Goo Dip
Spider Horrors D'oeuvres
Spooky Slimy Slaw
Wickedly Good "Witches"
Worms In Black Oooz Dip Front & Back

Celebrate Christmas in the Foodie Way with these Christmas Appetizer Recipes
Christmas is all about food and parties - so you have to have some great holiday appetizer and canape recipes to be jolly. Enjoy these with my Christmas Martinis & Cocktails.

Bacon Cheese Tart Bites Front & Back
Baked Cranberry Brie
Blue Cheese Pear Tartlets
Butter Tarts Front & Back
Candied Nutz
Christmas Cheese Ball
Christmas Cheese Bites
Christmas Crab Stacks Front & Back
Cranberried Meatballs Front & Back
Holiday Holly Spread
Mean Grinch Spinach Dip Front & Back
Sugared Cranberries

Favorite Family Recipes, Favorite Meals, Favorite Desserts, Favorite Cookies - My Best Recipes
Though these are not "Tiny Foods" they are some of my favorite foods - great meals, delicious desserts, Mom's cookies I finally mastered, Recipes I beg friends to give me - Enjoy!

John Evan's Taco Salad- Front & Back
Mexican Style Paste Salad Front & Back

Mulligatawny Soup Sips Front & Back

Baked Apple Tarragon Chicken Front & Back
Basic Quiche
Cheese Manicotti - Front & Back
Cherries Jubilee Pork Front & Back
Crock Pot Cherry Cola Pot Roast Front & Back
Curried Coconut Catfish Front & Back
Curried Coconut Chicken Saute Front & Back
Faux Quiche- Front & Back
Italian Sausage Veggie Bake Front & Back
Thaied Up Chicken Satay - Front & Back
Edible Tuna Casserole - Front & Back
Pork Chops And Apple Cabbage - Front & Back
Sherry Chicken Pot Pie - Front & Back
South of the Border Baked Rigatoni Front & Back
Tipsy Baked Black Beans

Candied Lemon Peels
Chocolate Hen Pasta - Front & Back
Choco-Lemon Pie
Chocolate Trifle Crunch
Coral Island Cookies
Diva Berry Flan
Dump Cake
Key Lime Balls - Front & Back
Lemon Jell-O Cake - Front & Back
Lindy's Cheesecake - Front & Back
Mama's Ginger Snaps
Mini Apple Betty Bakes Front & Back
Mini Strawberry Pizzas Front & Back
Saucy Bread Pudding - Front & Back
Three Minute CUP Cake

Basic Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Covered Easter Peeps
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate Creme Brulee Front & Back
Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Trifle Crunch
Choco-Lemon Pie
Chocolate Hen Pasta - Front & Back
Mini Chocolate Lava Cakes Front & Back
Mini Chocolate Raspberry Tarts Front & Back

Pot Au Chocolat
Chocolate Creme Brulee Front & Back
Chocolate Martinis

Mole Sauce Front & Back
Cherry Catsup Front & Back
Dried Cherry Sauce
Champagne Sauce

Raspberry Lemon Butter
Tarragon Herb Butter

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